A Short Preview of the Amazing Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

marina_circuitIt is the dream of every Formula One racing enthusiast; every big shot troops to the sandy coast at Yas Marina to get a feel of the thrilling and surreal experience that is Abdu Dhabi Grand Prix. Well, if you have not yet had the chance to watch your favorite driver zooming past the grandstands, it is time to make a date for the Abu Dhabi GP 2015 on November 27th to 29th.

But before the race weekend comes towards the end of the year, you need to get some insight on the history of this fantastic circuit. As a sporting enthusiast, you must appreciate that nothing is more exciting than having your facts right.  Here are some tidbits about the track.

  1. Yas Marina viewYas Marina

The circuit at Yas Marina is simply a work of genius. It was carved out of 2,550 hectares on Yas Island and runs for 5.554 kilometers. It has 55 laps with drivers having to tackle 21 turns. Sebastian Vettel holds the track record of 1:40.279, which he set in 2009 during the first race.

  1. Formula one Festival

Abu Dhabi GP is part of the new generation of circuits designed by the inedible genius Hermann Tilke. It was opened in 2007 and welcomed the largest gathering of F1 cars and drivers in a non-racing event. The free event marked the birth of F1 in UAE and the glamour has not dissipated since then.

  1. Racing Proper Starts, 2009

With FIA finally giving leeway for real racing, it was all systems go come the year 2009.  Indeed, the circuit was a milestone becoming the 1st day-night racing event.  Such a feat would have been unimaginable a few years earlier, but the organizers pulled it off amazingly. The race was arranged as the season finale and it proved to be a success.

  1. Hamilton-winThe Winners

As the last race, Abu Dhabi has always been one of the most anticipated sporting events. The first GP was won by Sebastian Vettel, who went on to win in 2010 before Hamilton won in 2011. Kimi Räikkönen won in 2012 before Vettel won it again in 2013. Hamilton won again in 2014 in one of the most tense GP finishes in recent times.

November 27th to 29th will prove decisive if anything that has gone down over the last 4 races of the season is anything to go by. There might be no double points awarded at this year’s Abu Dhabi GP, but you can bet Mercedes, Ferrari and Williams will all be pushing to close the season on a high. Talk of thrill and tension!